December 25, 2007

Psychic nerd

Christmas Eve, 2007

In his Santicipation ExcitaPo was having a tough time going to sleep.

Po: What did you order for Christmas?
Daddy: You don't order things for Christmas, you ask for them.
Po: You know how I sometimes use the wrong words for things?
Daddy: Ya. I didn't ask Santa for anything.
Po: What did mommy ask for?
Daddy: She didn't ask Santa for anything either.
Po: Only kids ask Santa for Christmas presents?
Daddy: Yes. Now go to sleep - Santa won't come until you go to sleep.
Po: How does Santa know when I am asleep?
Daddy: How does he know if you're naughty or nice?
Po: Santa is a nerd.
Daddy: A nerd?
Po: A nerd knows a lot of things.
Daddy: Does he? Yes, but that's more knowledge from learning, this is more psychic.
Po: So Santa is a psychic nerd.